About Lothar Firlej

NGUVU Edu SPORT was founded in 2014 by Lothar Firlej. This was after staying and working for 3 years as a volunteer at the Emmanuel Center, Juja, under Sis. Louise of Dominican Sisters. 

During his first one and half years of his stay at Juja, Lothar served as the Principal of Technical-Agriculteral Training Institute (TATI). Prior to that, Lothar worked as a sports coach at Mathare Youth Sports Assosiation (MYSA), located in the Mathare slums in Nairobi. During his four months stint with MYSA, Lothar participated in the development of football talent among the 13 year old players, and later accompanied them on an trip to Europe. During this trip, the young players had exposure culturally, and socially. This was in addition to participating in an international youth tournament in Holland.

Lothar has deep passion for the positive development of disadvantaged children and youths. One of his most effective tools to achieve this, as he learnt from similar experiences from his home country of Germany, is through sports. For this reason, he organized his first activity in Juja targeting the young children and youths in December 2014.

The event dubbed: “MAKE CHILDREN STRONG THROUGH EDUCATION AND SPORTS" brought together many children from all over Gachororo and Juja to interact and exchange ideas about how to cope with the many social issues that the children face.

The success of this first event became an important milestone, eventually leading to the formation of the  NGUVU Edu SPORT Street Football League in March 2015. 

NGUVU Edu SPORT Programme is still a growing organization, despite the much that it has been able to achieve within such a short period of time. There is more work ahead. Going forward, Lothar envisages greater support from all quarters (both local and foreign, public and private) in helping mold the character of the many disadvantaged children and youths within Juja.

Lothar in German Media:

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About Sr. Louise Radlmeier

Sr. Louise Radlmeier has worked in Africa as a Dominican Sister since 1956. Much of her work has involved helping disadvantaged children and orphans, mainly by assisting them to get support through school successfully. 

Currently, Sr. Louise caters for the needs of over 300 orphans. This has seen her set up three orphanages to provide shelter and homely environment for the children to grow up in.

To the majority of the people of Juja, Sr. Louise is a true reflection of God’s love for all children, and through her, people have seen God’s power to transform lives. 

Sr. Louise has shown much love for the helpless, both young and old, and demonstrated that poverty should never put a barrier between people’s interactions, and neither is poverty a destiny. 

Through her undying support for the education of the poor, Sr. Louise set a good example of what true love can help achieve. She stands tall among the volunteers that have brought the greatest change to the lives of the poor in Africa. 

God bless you!