NGUVU Rehab Programme Kicks Off

NGUVU Edu SPORT recently commenced its street children rehabilitation programme, which aims to give the disadvantaged children in the streets of Thika a second chance at life. This marks the third pillar of NGUVU Edu SPORT strategy. The other two are the NGUVU Holiday-Programme, and NGUVU Street-Football-League. 

Kenya has more than 250,000 Street Children, majority of whom would like to be in school and grow up like other normal children. At the beginning of November 2015, NGUVU-Rehabilitation-Program kicked off with 15 Street Children in Thika. The programme aims at giving the Street Children a safe environment, and offering a regular pre-school morning program with focus on the key areas of Life skills, Sport, and Nutrition. 

The first step is to distance the children from negative influences like sniffing glue, crime, as well as alcohol and drug abuse. The programme has introduced a set of rules that each child must adhere to. This includes discipline, respect, punctuality, sharing, and positively interacting with other children. NGUVU Edu SPORT aims to later re-integrate the street children with their families. Towards this end, the programme interviews each child to establish the circumstances that led to the child being in the streets, as well as to assess the kind of individual support required to rehabilitate the child.

In the meantime, NGUVU Edu SPORT is working with Life-Skills Oasis Sleeping & Rescue Centre in Kiandutu village, Thika, to host the street children. Once the children are fully rehabilitated, they will be taken to school, and hopefully be supported throughout their education and professional training, to make them reliable adults in the future.