Street Child Voluntarily Returns Home and to School


Peter Wangui, 12 years old former street child in Thika town, has opted out of the streets and returned home in Gacharage, Muranga County. The child has enrolled back to the school where he used to attend. 

After participating in the NGUVU Edu SPORT programme for a year, Peter approached me two weeks ago, and told me that he wanted to go back home. I facilitated this, and now the boy is back by his grandmother and his sister Leah, and will pick up education from class four.

This stands as a towering success story of the NGUVU Edu SPORT street children rehabilitation programme, which encourages the street kids to voluntarily return home and continue with education. 

The next phase for the programme will be to offer post-rehabilitation support through visiting Peter, and other children who have returned home to ensure their successful reintegration with their families.