Review of the April 2015 NGUVU Edu SPORT Holiday Event

From 20th – 25th April 2015, over 400 children and young people turned up daily at Gachororo Primary School grounds to participate in the Second NGUVU Edu SPORT - Holiday Event.  There were 15 coaches and experts in various disciplines at hand to guide the participants through the daily events. >>>Click here to see the event's photos.<<<

The children and young people had a wonderful time interacting and discussing many issues that affect their daily lives. In addition to the discussions, the participants had wonderful time engaging in sports, including football, tennis, volleyball and athletics. 

For the first time in the history of the events, participants were taken through the basics of First Aid for among others, recovery procedures and positions for nose bleeding, fainting, and shock. This training was done in an engaging, fun, and participatory way, and will ensure the safety of the children and youths as they play in schools.

To sensitize the participants on the need to avoid engaging in crime, Lorem, a student from the Emmanuel Centre, related his experience in the hands of violent colleagues, one of whom stabbed Lorem with a knife in the bad. Through Lorem’s experience, children and youths from Gachororo were educated on the need to be peace makers and agents of change.

Another important issue that was addressed during the one-week event was cleaning the environment. All the participants were taught how to separate the garbage, e.g. kitchen waste from plastics and broken bottles, and keeping recyclable materials together. Garbage collection was a major activity on the last Friday of the event, and it was so much fun for everyone.

Finally, two activities were introduced this time round: morning runs and painting. Each day started with a 2.5Km fun run from Gachororo Primary School, all the way to Straight Security’s Lorry Parking area at High Point, and back. This was a great way of enhancing mental alertness and readiness to tackle all the activities of the day.

Painting came in two flavours: face painting – to make everyone feel beautiful, and painting on canvas. This gave the children an opportunity to express their creativity. 

By the end of each day, participants gathered in their respective groups to rehearse for the songs, dances and poems for presentation on the programme’s closing day. 

When the closing day finally came, it was greeted with much joy. Contrary to the previously developed schedule for the day, participants insisted on first heading to the field for football matches. This was followed by the closing ceremony, which was characterized by much singing, dancing and eating. The event was attended by over 600 children and youths from Gachororo, and each one enjoyed the sweets, biscuits, Ice-cream and drinks, before calling it a day.

If you didn’t make it to this event, don’t miss the fun next holiday season in August, same venue: Gachororo Primary School.