Trip with 11 Street-Children to the 14 waterfalls!

In Kenya, people celebrated Madaraka Day in various ways. However, for a lucky team of 11 Street-Children from Juja, Gachororo, Thika-Town, and Kianduttu, this was a day to remember as they had a trip to 14 Waterfalls in Kilimanbogo. For most of the children, the visit to 14 Falls was their first leisure trip ever in their lives.

Upon arrival, we took a boat ride across the river. We climbed over the rocks and had fun discovering a small alligator’s hide out. This was a a real adventure trip. 

The children had lunch together and had a matatu ride back home in the evening. This was certainly an unforgettable experience. The kids had a lot of fun, and could for once forget their worries and celebrate Madaraka Day like everyone else.