Make Children Strong through Education and Sport

This was the theme of our very first event, which was held just before the Christmas of 2014. Over 400 children, boys and girls, aged 6 to 14, came daily and participated in the one-week Event. There were several experts selected to discuss various real-life issues with the children and young people. 

Event Highlights

Topics under discussion included: Fair Play, Respect, Discipline, Team-Work, Leadership, Integration, Basic Education, Prevention, Crime, HIV+, Ebola, Children Rights, Nature, Environment, and Garbage-Recycling. A major highlight of the event was garbage collection, which brought together children from various communities, schools and social backgrounds to participate in making their environment cleaner. Another highlight was the successful hosting of different Sport activities. This included Football, Tennis, Athletics and Volleyball. 


I would like to sincerely thank Moses Ondeng, Director of Sport at JKUAT University, for allowing us to use the university fields for Tennis, Athletics and Volleyball. Special thanks also to the Head Master of Gachororo Primary School in Juja, for allowing us to use the soccer-field for the entire week. 

For helping our children and youths understand the myriad of social issues facing them, I wish to say a big “Thank you” to the experts for having volunteered their time and skills. My heart goes out to all the coaches too, who organized the various teams and supervised sporting activities for the entire week. Without a functioning Trainer-Team you can’t succeed at hosting such an event. 

Finally, I would like to thank Sis. Louise of Dominican Sisters, as well as Hon Francis M. Waititu, MP Juja Constituency, and his family, for the support that they accorded us. 

In Retrospect

Looking back at all the activities of that week, I am glad that we succeeded at sending the message to the local church community, JKUAT university, and local schools within Gachororo that we can achieve much by working together. We can make our environment cleaner, and enhance our children’s learning experiences by creating interactive programmes that nurture creativity and foster positive personal development.