The 3rd NGUVU Edu SPORT Holiday-Programme

This time the 3rd NGUVU Edu SPORT Holiday-Programme in Juja/Gachororo lasted for 10 days, and a wide variety of activities were offered. Daily, up to 300 children participated in football, tennis lessons, athletics and volleyball games. Each day started with the children taking ripe bananas for breakfast, after it was discovered that some poor children came to the event without having taken any meals.

Like in previous times, we were once again allowed to use the JKUAT University games courts, thanks to the partnership between NGUVU Edu SPORT and the university. For the first time, the children tested their skills in climbing walls, which proved a real adventure. This was in addition to daily morning runs, which covered 2.5km.

Other activities included lawn tennis, and athletics competitions. The best in each discipline were awarded certificates. Besides competitive sports, there were more certificates issued for the best in Discipline, Fair Play, Respect, Teamwork, and Leadership. This was a great motivation for others to work harder to qualify for awards in the next event.

Besides sports, there were counseling sessions and open talks, during which the children discussed with coaches the various challenges that children face in daily lives. There were important lessons on how to improve in academics, how to show respect to teachers and parents, as well as how to avoid alcohol and drug abuse.

An important highlight for this event, like in the previous two, was collecting garbage in the street of Juja/Gachororo. Almost 500 children enjoyed this activity, which preceded the closing ceremony. For all children children who participated, these 10 days will certainly remain unforgettable.