The 4th NGUVU Edu SPORT Holiday-Program!

For 10 days, Children of Gachororo - Juja had a wonderful time enjoying the 4th NGUVU Holiday-Program. The first week was mainly dominated by football, in what has now come to be known as the NGUVU Football Academy. Every day, up to 100 children attended this football-school, and learnt a lot. 

The 2nd week was the official part of our event. Daily up to 300 Children took part in this event. In addition to football, we also offered Tennis, Volleyball, Wall Climbing, and Athletic. To facilitate this, we worked in conjunction with the nearby JKUAT University. 

Once again, key issues such as Fair-Play, Respect, Tolerance, Team-Work and Discipline were discussed with the children. 

The closing ceremony on the last day the event formed the climax of the two action-packed weeks. Almost 400 children came together for the party. With performances like acrobatics, dance performances and singing, but also award ceremonies, Christmas gifts were content of this closing ceremony.

NGUVU Edu SPORT now looks back, with much gratitude, to what we have achieved over the last year. We have managed to implement all the three pillars of the Programme. These pillars are: the NGUVU Holiday-Program, the NGUVU Street-Football-League with 9 Primary-Partnership-Schools, 85 youth teams, U 10/ U 12/ U 14 with 800 participants and, finally, the NGUVU Rehabilitation-Program for Street-Children.                                   

The most import thing in all of this, is the fact that we were able to give the children of Gachororo – Juja, positive development, and a safe environment to celebrate their time as kids. 

With your support, we look forward to doing more for the children come 2016.