The First ever NGUVU Football Girls Selection Team

During the long December holiday of 2018, the first ever NGUVU Football Girls Selection Team was selected and started their training. The team comprises 20 girls aged between 11 and 14 years who were identified by the coaches as being multi-talented. The team has made great progress and has already started participating in the NGUVU Street-Football League in Juja-Gachororo. 

After the first week of training, the girls were enthusiastic about their new team and did not want to stop playing even after 3 hours. Asked who had breakfast and who was hungry so that a meal could be organised for them, Susan, 12 years old and a refugee from South Sudan replied: “We are hungry for football!”

Besides football, there are many exciting things are on the agenda for the girls. This includes sporting activities such as volleyball, swimming and athletics. This will be complemented with roundtables with a female coach.