Gillian as a Volunteer in Africa-Kenya!

Gillian from Germany worked as a volunteer in our social project NGUVU Edu CBO in Juja-Gachororo from 4th January to 7th February 2019. She assisted us in a number of areas including: 

1. Food program for Street-Children. 

2. NGUVU Street-Football-League. 

3. Introduction for the beginning of the school year for our disadvantaged children in Juja-Gachororo. 

4. Talent, arts and creativity. 

5. Administration of NGUVU Edu CBO.       

Gillian’s outgoing nature was evident in how she interacted with the children. She welcomed them warmly and the children quickly developed a strong bond with her, and the trust between her and the children was great. 

Gillian’s positive attitude and understanding of people enabled her to interact freely with the community. She coped quite well with both stressful and emotional encounters in the slum of Juja-Gachororo, and enriched the lives of many through her work as a volunteer with NGUVU Edu CBO. 

With her commitment to improving the lives of the less fortunate, and the many lives that she touched during her tour of duty over here, it is easy to see why Gillian will always be welcomed with open arms in Africa-Kenya, Juja-Gachororo, especially in the project NGUVU Edu CBO!