Our Vision

NGUVU Edu SPORT program aims to teach children and young people of Gachororo in Juja positive values, and to give them a sound foundation upon which to build their future life as responsible and dependable citizens.

As it has been proven elsewhere, Sport can serve as a tool for promoting education, learning and gaining experience in social interaction and cooperation for development of individual self-esteem, and for prevention of abuse of alcohol, drugs and violence.

The current enrollment into the programme stands at over 700 children and youths from schools within Juja. However, we feel that this is just but a tip of the iceberg, given the huge demand that exists for positive character development in Juja.  

Crime Prevention

According to the Nairobi Metropolitan Area Annual Crime Observatory Report (2014),  Gachororo village is a major centre for trade in illegal weapons that are used to commit crimes within the wider Nairobi area. The report further notes that criminals often use women and children to traffic firearms and other weapons, further inducting women and minors into violent crime.

Much needs to be done to curb this and other problems that are prevalent in Gachororo. For this reason, the NGUVU educational program focuses on building the character of the individual students attending "open day schools". 

By keeping the children engaged in their homework, and facilitating their character development through sporting activities, the programme has succeeded at changing the perspective of life for majority of the pogramme beneficiaries. There has been marked improvement in their academic performance, as well as in their levels of self-confidence. 

Fair Play System

The programme runs a NGUVU Fair Play system, which awards participants points based on their attendance and participation in designated activities. Participants achieve points by demonstrating team work, leadership, tolerance, respect for others, and good problem and conflict resolution skills. All these are important aspects of the NGUVU Edu SPORT programme, and participants with the highest points by the end of the year gets rewards. 

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The Future

In future, NGUVU Edu SPORT intends to convert from a decentralized to a centralized training, educational and vocational center. It is envisaged that this will offer participants holistic development, right from primary school, through high school, and eventually vocational training. This will also offer the best opportunity for beneficiaries to explore their natural gifting and talents, and develop them to the fullest.